One-on-one personal training fully customized to your specific body needs.

Location: LVAC Green Vally , Las Vegas

Price: $50 / 1hour session 


Discounts for multiple sessions paid in advance.

Coach: Andrea Marasoiu 

Specialized in: personal training ,bikini , fitness , weight loss ,muscle gain , posture corection , cardio fitness .




Full customized online contest prep and off season programs for bodybuilding, men physique- , classic physique- , bikini -, fitness.

Length: 12 to 16 weeks

Location: Online ( -Via Email- , WhatsApp )

Coaches: Viorel Marasoiu (Bodybuilding, Men's/Classic  Physique)

            Andrea Marasoiu ( Bikini , Fitness )

Details:-Fully customized nutrition , training and suppliments advices for your body type and goal.

           -Weekly check ins via email ( pics, weight)

           - Weekly changes on diet/training if needed.

           -24 hours available with questions if needed




Advice regarding carb depleting/carb loading , sodium/water control + Unlimited check ins and questions.


Coaches: Viorel Marasoiu (Bodybuilding, Men's/Classic Physique)

            Andrea Marasoiu ( Bikini , Fitness )

Details: Diet, supplement stacks, sodium, water depletion, diuretic usage, tanning, and posing advice.


About Us


Hello , we are Viorel Marasoiu (full time husband- , future dad and bodybuilding competitor) & Andrea Marasoiu (-future mom, wife , personal trainer at LVAC Las Vegas  and fitness/bikini competitor. We are here to to help ,educate and introduct more people to the art of competing and sculpting your body!

We have over 30 years of experince together and been thru many trainings, diets and contest preps  .We also worked with the best coaches in bussines ( Don Long , Milos Sarcev ,Charles Glass , Kim Oddo....etc.) from whom we learned and accumulated a lot of experince!

If you are open minded , motivated and  want to take your body to the next lavel of competing, we strongly reccommand our online coaching and personal training services.

We are offering Bodybuilding/Bikini/ Fitness CONTEST PREPS ( from 12 to 16 weeks  lenght) , personal trining services and would love to help anybody getting in the best shape of their life even if competing or NOT !