Anabolics Q&A - Is More Better ?

Q: What do you think of the statement, the more steroids you use the more muscle mass you gain, provided you are eating properly? Is there a limit to how much you take?

A: There is a limit. In fact, there is a sharp curve of diminishing return with anabolic steroids. They seem to drop off quickly once you go beyond the optimal dosage range. For example, this might be 500-1000 milligrams per week with an injectable testosterone. While some bodybuilders might find value at say 5,000 milligrams per week, it will not be 5-10 times stronger than a cycle of 500-1,000 milligrams per week. The diminishing return has to do with many things, one of them being limits to cellular receptor concentrations. There is just so much steroid you can attach to the same receptor sites. This is one of the reasons other non-steroidal anabolic drugs are popular with bodybuilders. This includes drugs like growth hormone, IGF-1, and insulin. These stimulate different anabolic/anti-catabolic pathways, and thus tend to add more to a cycle than simply increasing the steroid dosage. Of course, each additional drug has its own set of risks and potential side effects.

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