The best legal fat burner I've used so far...

I've used so many "legal"fat burners in the last years but nothing compares with the L-Carnitine injectable.........I'd used for the last 4 weeks and I got great/visible results...... Im takeing 2ml SQ in the morning before cardio and 2mg IM in the afternoon before my workout with 50grams of carbs and 400mg Metformin since I m 6 weeks out from my show. It works even better in the offseason. Use 3ml IM with 100g carbs and 6ui Insulin before workout and this will keep your body fat low in the growing season when we eat a ton of carbs. Forget the oral L-Carnitine and give this a try. by Viorel Marasoiu

The Science Behind: ‘Synthetine – Lipid (Fat) Transporter’

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