Here are few trasformations and testimonials of my clients .

"Since I collaborate with Viorel, I've had an amazing progress. I've started to see changes in my body shape since the first weeks of colaboration. It was a shock to see my body changing that fast. He changed the nutrition and the training plan and the results were not just fast but qualitative. Viorel gave me good advices and he made me understand that in this sport the details make the difference. He teached and disciplinate me and he pushed me . Most important is that motivated me . All I can say is that Viorel is one of the best trainers and bodybuilders I've ever meet. I can't thank him enough and I really appreciate his help. I recommand him with all my heart."


Mauro Schifano Portes.

“Hello , my name is Ionut Marasoiu and i m Viorel's brother. We strat working out together more then 12 years ago and we push and helped each other to be the best. I competed in many shows in Romania and i earned 2 title of Juniour National Champion ( under 21 years old ) and also i placed very good in Classic Physique category . In 2008 my brother  moved to United States and  had the oportunity to work with  best couches in the bussiness and learn from the best. He is very knowledge in to nutrition , training and suppliments. Everytime i m don't know what decision to take regarding my contest prep he is there to help and advice me. In the left pic i got 3rd place at one of the most importants shows in my country and Viorel had a big role in my success and the way i looked especialy in the last pick week before the show!!

I recomand him to anybody who want to take his body to the next lavel."

Ionut Adrian Marasoiu.

         "He is a "life changer".I meet him in 2014 and he changed my lifestayle. When I met him I knew things were going to change.  

        With his help I have dramatically improved my health, changed my lifestyle and  succeeded to enter  my first bikini competition.

I am now in the best shape I have ever been !   Because of this experience, I have decided to become a certified personal trainer myself so I can help others just the way Viorel did help me.

           I was very skinny and I feeling terrible about how I looked.In just few months, Viorel helped me accomplish my dream of stepping  on a competition stage in an amazing shape.

         I feel like Virel gave me the motivation, knowledge and discipline  I need in order to succed in this sport.. Thank you so much Viorel!!! I couldn't do it without you."


Silvia Florentina.


      Sometimes you need to be your own motivation and inspire others to be the best  they can be.

Here is my trasformation , left pic is from 2008 where i was small and fat and the right pic is from 2014 when i did my own prep  for 2 shows in Romania . I ended up being in incredible shape and winning both shows .

    I'm ready to help anybody who is motivated , willing to work hard and push the genetics to the limit. I  will guide you with my best knowledges  acumulated over the last 13 years of training and competing and i will create the best workout/ nutritional plan based on your body type , weaknesses and goals. 

   Let's work!!!

Viorel Marasoiu.

"    I met Viorel 6 months prior to my first show in the United States " 2015 Jay Cutler Desert Classic" where I placed 2nd out of 36 competitors, in both Open and Novice class. That was by far the best bikini shape I've ever had and Viorel played an important role on my preparation.

    I have all the confidence towards working with him for getting my pro card in the future. He is able to give me the best advices regarding training and nutrition. He also motivated and kept me on track during the whole prep.He knows it all! This is one of many other reasons I married him :P

    I truly reccommend him !

"16 weeks trasformation of Viorel Marasoiu when he prepared for 2015 NPC USA's"

Proud of my client Mauro winning the 2016 Tiger Classic Overall title !!

6 weeks bulking trasformation !!You can do it as well just need a good program and some motivation !

4 weeks trasformation with my custom diet and workout program !

6 weeks trasformation of my client Sebastian Dumitra.

My 2016 transformation: from 220 lbs to 248 lbs to 185 lbs on stage shredded! Was a long journey but i enjoyed every second!

Proud of my younger brother getting 5th place at Arnold Classic Europe on Classic Physique Class!!

Client transformation ! 
Izabela came to me with a dream , that one day she can complete in a bodybuilding/ fitness stage . 
Nobody was giving her any chances  and was trying to discourage her to compete  and ruin her dreams. 
Even if her body didn't seem ready to complete I've seen her will power and determination. Also, I love helping people who nobody gives them a chance. 
We started working together but her body did not respond to diet and all the cardio. The process was very slow . 
We had to push it very hard but I'm very proud of her;she didn't give up. 
She pushed her body in the best shape of her life from a regular / out of shape women into a toned & strong shape body 💪🏽That's a win ! 
Next year we will work harder and make even more improvements.